All Our Paradise 

All Our Paradise (2019), was an interactive, augmented reality artwork for Willoughby Council. It was displayed from the 4th of September to the 13th of October for their Arts Biennial. 

All Our Paradise was developed in Unity and Processing and uses blob detection with a live camera stream. It had an interaction where flowers would bloom in the presence of people, which in turn would attract butterflies to the world.


The idea was that people were able to help the garden's resident, Radish, by contributing life and colour through their actions. The sentiment behind this was to create a sense of connection; and to show how our presence in the world contributes to a shared experience that we all are a part of.

Project Team_
Concept & Art | Edison Chen
Development & Software | Matt Cabanag, Peter Liang, Peter Hayman
Sound | Hannah Cheers, Paul Georghiou
Client | Willoughby Council