Harmony Valley 
Rainbow of Peace & 
Trees of Friendship 

'Harmony Valley: Rainbow of Peace & Trees of Friendship' was an artwork created for Vivid Sydney 2018 and was shown in Circular Quay. It consists of a large inflatable rainbow as well as two inflatable trees that were internally lit and programmed to animate. 

The artwork is interactive as people were asked to hold hands from one side of the rainbow to the other in order to trigger animations and sounds. The intention was to facilitate both a rewarding environment and kinesthetic promt to promote a visual and embodied atmosphere of peace, vulnerability and unity. By using the symbolic nature of a rainbow in combination with the 'kawaii' influence behind the design, the work hopes to imprint onto the public a sense of connection, understanding, love and harmony.

Project Team_

Project Artist & Lead | Edison Chen
Inflatables Manufacturer | Stretch Structures
Electrical Engineers |  Yunke Qu, Nancy Hua
Animations | Adam Katz, Tom Bremner
Sound Design | Hannah Cheers
3D Modelling Kaveh Tabar Heydar 
Project Support | Raymond Zeng, Matt Cabanag, Chere Koh, Jun Ji Moey
                       UNSW Art & Design, Indigo Project