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Hi, I'm an experience designer with a keen interest in emerging technology and the future. My specialty lies in the strategic and systematic exploration of interactive technologies to produce creative and whimsical human centered experiences. I like to tangentially look at current machine interfaces and to try and find interesting manifestations of emotional human connections that occur from imagined input and output cycles. I like to think holistically about the embodied state and the intuition that emerges from our bodies. When we interact with technology it's fascinating to try and weave human experiences out of an amalgamation of aesthetic, aural, cognitive, and kinesthetic immersion. 

I've dabbled in multiple areas of emerging technology and its manifestations- from virtual reality, IoT in smart cities and interactive art. Ultimately I hold hope for humanity to flourish in the universe. I desire to create wonderful systems and technological experiences that will play a part in guiding us to such a future. As sentient beings I want us to connect with each other so we can prosper and thrive as entities. I think there is a lot of beauty in consciousness and I think it is our duty to understand and remember not only our journey and who we are, but everything there is to know. 


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