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  I Love You 

'I Love You' (Love-O-Meter) 2016 was an artwork exhibited at Circular Quay for Vivid Sydney. The project is of an interactive sculpture that acts as a visual representation and expression of people's love.  

The heart works by lighting up whenever a couple shouts 'I LOVE YOU' into the mic. The louder these registered sounds, the more rewarding and responsive the sculpture becomes. This project aims to elicit showmanship through fun, teamwork and the sharing of cheesy romance in a public environment.  

Project Team_

Project Manager & Construction | Selena Griffith
Concept & Creative Direction | Edison Chen
Sculpture Design Nila Rezaei
Engineering | Nathan Adler, Sam Cassisi
Coding | Tom Bremner, Jordan East
Sound Design | Hannah Cheers, Zacc Taylor

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