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WISH/DREAMS is an artwork created for The Connection, Rhodes and was shown on their digital gallery screen during August 2022. 

The artwork is an environment that collects and displays twitter messages of people's wishes and dreams. These tweets are collected at a specified account @rhodeswishdream and are submitted through users. They can do this via a provided tablet on site, or through tweeting at the account from their devices. A twitter bot is set up to repost any received messages.

The goal of WISH/DREAMS is to provide a digital space for people to feel connected through intimate moments of sharing. It explores how we can use social media and interactivity to extract human moments that showcase diversity, vulnerability and hope. Through personal insights, the audience gains a fraction of a community's desires. By revealing voluntary wishes, the artwork allows people to feel connected with others through the human experience of hope.    

Project Team_

Concept and Project Lead | Edison Chen

Contributors | 

Peter Liang | Developer

Hamid Mousa | Developer


Matt Cabanag | Developer


Client | The Connection

Music | Kase Avila

            0450am by airtone (c) copyright 2022 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 

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