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“Everything is going to be o-KOI” 2019 (o-KOI) is a response to the presence of dread that grows as we head towards the future. o-KOI seeks to quell some of this by providing a place of connection and reflection. Within a virtual koi pond people are able to read and submit messages of hope which are then stored within personalised koi fish."

Everything is going to be o-Koi is an app built into WebGL, where users can create kois with messages of hope that are then interacted with within a pond scene. These messages also get exported to the twitter account @hopefulkoi which  doubles the functionality of the project, allowing received tweets to appear as fish in the app as well. 

This artwork was developed as part of an online residency with Electrofringe.

"Everything is going to be o-KOI" has further been shown at the screen at Federation Square, Melbourne. 


To access a live version, please click here. 

Project Team_
Concept & Lead | Edison Chen
Development & Software | Peter Liang, Matt Cabanag, Peter Hayman, James Gronowski
Animation | Kaveh Tabar
Sound |

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