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 HyperDimensional Friends 

HyperDimensional Friends (Dai Ga Pang Yau) 2017, is a collaborative artwork for the Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial. It features a livestreaming camera with an interactive 2D graphic overlay of special effects and characters. A complementary transformation of a nearby tree also provided a physical connection with the visual language and characters of the screen work. 

The concept behind this project is one where cute and colourful aliens from another world are visiting the Chatswood Concourse through a portal in the urban screen. Hyperdimensional Friends aims to encourage friendship, interactivity and connectivity through play and sends a message of cross-cultural acceptance and peace. 

Project Team_
Concept & Art | Edison Chen
Development & Software | Matt Cabanag
Seamstress | Chere De Koh
Sound | James Hofman
Client | Willoughby Council

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