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Vivid 2016 Expression of Interest project: 'I LOVE YOU' (Love-O-Meter). This project is of an interactive sculpture environment. The sculpture is of a heart that lights up whenever a couple shouts 'I LOVE YOU' into the mic. The louder the registered sound, the more responsive the lights in the sculpture become. This project encourages fun, teamwork and reinvigorates the play back into cheesy romance.  



Apartment Design

Spatial design imagining living environments for the future. Apartments are made into more communal areas, with consideration for more open space to decrease sense of isolation. Rooms are more spacious and natural lighting is considered for each tenant. This project was to explore ways in which an apartment complex could become more sociable, healthy, communal and positive.


A project where we were asked to design a pathway experience for a certain distance. We designed a maze of rooms in a circular, interconnected structure so that the distance restriction was maximized. Each room was designed to disorient the user and their sense of relative direction so that they were unable to keep track of their bearings. The only exit to this maze was decided to be the entrance as well.

Using an existing space, we designed a student hub to promote collaboration and creativity. Using non-conventional and flexible seating arrangements meant people were less restricted to isolated working arrangements. Creativity was encouraged through the ambience of the natural lighting, colourful furniture and outdoor elements. 

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