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Tea Assignment

In graphics class we were given an assignment where we had to create an outdoor campaign that promoted and encouraged positive action. 

"This project was approached through the tactic of brand advertising. By choosing to use a particular certified company (Twinings), the campaign aims to persuade people towards the purchase of this particular brand and therefore consume ethically produced tea. Associations of tea of it's relaxing nature and it's ritualistic use of taking time out are combined with an opportunistic convenience to ease one's conscience. These ideas accentuate each other to produce a concept of increased relaxation and peace of mind from ethical tea drinking.

Colours are chosen to imply the warmth and comfort of tea. The colourful text of posters send a positive, playful and friendly association, linking it to the tea and the brand's kindness to the environment. Illustrations also play on this, as they assume an aesthetic of homeliness and something organic, appealing to a majority of the intended tea-drinking audiences. Suggested locations for potential audience include busy bus-stops and CBD streets. As people go through their everyday lives and prepare to go home and wind down, they are reminded of the relaxation and comfort waiting for them in a cup of tea.


Overall this project aims to use the interplay of brand image, ethics and associations of tea to increase the general awareness and consumption of a particular brand of ethically produced tea."

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